Rap vs. Hip-Hop

Something that has bothered me about the music industry today is that they combine rap and hip hop into one genre. I have always been under the impression that hip-hop is more in depth and more artistic than rap. Now, don’t get me wrong, rap is also an art, but when it comes to hip hop there’s more of a story or message behind it. However, I do feel that a rap artist can be a hip-hop artist at the same time. But the fact that the industry today combines rap and hip hop into one, bothers me because not every single rap artist has the artistic ability of a hip-hop artist.

Tell me what you think about Rap vs. Hip Hop..

Do you agree with what I’ve said so far?

Who do you think is a rap artist, hip-hop artist or a rap/hip-hop artist?



2 thoughts on “Rap vs. Hip-Hop

  1. I don’t think that rap and hip/hop should be grouped together, just like Chris Brown he is not rap is he? Is lil Wayne consider a rap artist of hip hop artist please explain. There is a country singer who is rapping in his song, what is he consider?

    • Chris brown in considered r&b. Lil Wayne to the industry is considered rap and hip hop. I think he’s more of a rap artist but he does have hip hop talent. And idk about country singers. That’s one of the only genres I don’t listen to. Sorry lol.

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