New York, Chicago or California?

When you listen to music, does it ever mentally take you somewhere else geographically that you’ve never been before? Confusing question right? However, often times when I listen to certain songs or genres, I find myself dreaming of Chicago, Cali, or New York. A few people think I’m pretty weird for this but I don’t care! Lol
For instance, a lot of older jazz, or artists like frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Billie Holiday make me feel like I’m in New York, specifically central park area lol. Now keep in mind, I’ve been to New York once and only for 2 days but I’ve never been even close to central park. Another songs that makes me feel like I’m in New York is “baby it’s cold outside.” preferably the Dean Martin version lol. My favorite holiday song šŸ™‚
Or, some soul music like Jill Scott, the more jazzed up version, Esperanza Spalding, or other jazz artists who do more with the saxophone and bass, make me feel as if I’m in a Chicago jazz/ poetry club! Another place, I’ve never been or any jazz club! Lol
Also, more modern jazz artists like Kenny G, Boney James and so forth make me feel like I’m on a Californian beach! Of course, another place I’ve never even been close to! Lol

I just wonder what takes me to those places other than the power if music? Is this the artists original intent, to make my mind go to different environment? Does this, or anything like it, happen to others? Or am i just crazy? Lol

Comment and questions are welcome šŸ™‚



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