Will you be bored after this?

“…Never say you are bored. Boredom is a disbelief in God. Boredom is an illness that destroys faith. Does it mean anything other than dissatisfaction with life? Life is a blessed gift from God Almighty, so how can a believer become bored or dissatisfied with it? You say you are dissatisfied with this or that, and I ask you from what did this or that originate? Doesn’t everything originate with the Glorious God who in His kindness rights all wrongs? Never rebel against the work of the Creator! All of life has beauty and taste, although the bitterness of an evil soil will pollute the most appetizing gates. Believe me, pain brings joy, despair has its pleasure, and death teaches a lesson. How can we be bored when the sky is blue, the earth green and the flowers fragrant? How can we be depressed when hearts have a capacity for love and our souls have the power of faith? Seek refuge from the devil in God and never say you are bored…”

Midaq Alley by Naguib Mahfouz Pgs.51-52
This is a book my, regional studies: middle east, class is currently reading. I thought this was a deep message. Maybe you’ll think twice the next time you say you are bored…I know I will.



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