A Soulful Surprise!

The soul filled talen that continues to pour out of the UK amazes me. I’m sure those in the UK know more about these artist, however we, in the states, seem to be getting the message a little later. I felt the need to share my amazement with someone. So, I chose the readers of my blog!

I feel as though I am awe-struck because not many people, including myself, imagined so many voices full of soul to come from England. People such as Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessi J, Buffy and Amy Winehouse’s god-daughter, Dionne Bromfield, just to name a few, continue to blow me away. Now, I have been listening to most of the previously stated artists for a few years. No matter how many times I listen to their songs on repeat, I am breathless every single time. It is just pure soul escaping their vocal cords and I love it! Do me a favor, listen to the following songs and tell me how you feel about them. Do you believe their voices are filled with soul?

Adele- One and Only

Amy Winehouse- He Can Only Hold Her

Jessie J- Mama Said

Buffy – Warwick Avenue

Dionne Brombfield- Love is a Losing Game (amy winehouse cover)


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