The New Fad: Going Back to Our Roots


Well, I’ve been natural all my life, however the most popular fad (for the past few years) in the hair world has been going natural and literally going back to the roots. And when I say roots, no I don’t mean Africa, but I mean the roots of our hair. Relaxers have been slowly but surely falling behind in the popularity contest all the while natural curls have been rising to the top.

I’ve seen so many women around town, all over YouTube and in a few films take part in the BC (aka the Big Chop) allowing them to transition into the world of natural hair. I, personally, admire those who take a pair of shears to their head because I know I would never have the guts to do it. I have thought about it a few times, and although my hair is damaged from my best friend, the flat-iron, I never really felt it was damaged enough to cut…until now. I see all those who have done the big chop and see how well their hair is growing curling and styling and I sit and remember the times that my hair was able to do those things. So now, I sit and contemplate, is shedding a few tears and loosing a few inches of hair worth going back to my natural curl patter? It probably is but I’m sure it’ll be another year or two before I build up the confidence to get rid of my hair.

Another major role in “going natural” is moisturizer. I must admit, I am a product junkie like many other natural heads out there. I’ve loaded up on my Carol’s Daughter, Shea Moisture, Olive Oil and Kera Kare, and that’s just to name…a few. However, there are many homemade remedies that work just fine, seeing how many of the products on the shelf started out in someone’s home. My question is, how often should a head full of natural hair be moisturized? I’ve heard things like everyday, just when co-washing and or only once a week. But, I guess it’s whatever works best for the individual.

And last, but not least, styles! Styles are what makes a head full of natural locks beautiful. My go to styles are the easy to do bantu knot out and even easier to do twist out. I’ve learned all my natural styles from the knowledgeable naturals on YouTube like bantu knots, which give the hair amazing curls, twist outs, perfect for any occasion and maybe just a simple wash-n-go for that lazy, yet cute day. The perfect hair style can pull any outfit together! It’s all about how YOU wear it.

And just in case you need a few celebrities to look at for natural hair inspiration, take a look at Corinne Bailey Rae, Solange Knowels, Tracee Ellis Ross, and the wonderful Miss Jill Scott.

Enjoy the natural journey!!

Welp, this has been another random blog by Dan-Weezy! Feel free to comment with any hints, tips and randomness. I appreciate it all 🙂


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