A Secret Revealed: Frank Ocean

Christopher Francis Breaux, also known as Frank Ocean, has done it again. He has shocked the world but this time, not with his music. Mr. Ocean has come out of the closet. Yes, you read that correctly, Frank Ocean is indeed gay. However, I have read on a few sites that he could be Bi. Either way, this is a shocking secret that I’m sure many of us did not see coming.

Upon hearing this revealed revelation, I began to sing his well-known song lyrics. As I sang these songs for about ten minutes, I realized a few of his lyrics are somewhat sexually vague, as in, he does not specifically address a male or female in several songs. Now me just being me, I assumed this was to make the songs relatable to everyone, which it very well could be this specific reason. But I also began to think, did he do this simply to continue hiding this secret? I also thought, maybe he’s coming out because there is say that quite a few songs on his new album “Channel Orange” are about his first love, a male who he met when he was 19 (as explained in his most recent post on his tumblr account…link posted below). So many questions are running through my mind and I am sure are also on the minds of others. And, I have come to realize that these questions may never be answered. But this is something that I can deal with. I mean, shouldn’t we be content with the fact that he has shared something of such high importance with us?

In conclusion, read though the reveal letter and recognize the passion and sincerity within the words he has chosen. Many are saying he’s doing this for record sales or it is all fake. I fail to believe that notion for the simple fact that he is going to face a lot of ridicule for being such a well-known artist within the hip hop/r&b world, yet homosexual or bisexual. I cannot see why anyone would fake such a thing knowing the harsh words that will come back to them. We, hip hop heads, in general, fail to let go of our homophobic ways and acknowledge the talent of an individual. However, let us remember that a person sexuality does not change the talent embedded within them. So, I am and forever will be a Frank Ocean fan because of his talent and not because of how he chooses to live his personal life.

Official Tumblr letter here: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6me6uSdO81qdrz3yo1_1280.png


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