Kaleidoscope Dreams: The Water Preview

Miguel has been a very busy man this year and it is evident that his life has been consumed by studio time. In February, he released the first instalment of Art Dealer Chic which was followed by Art Deal Chic volumes 2 and 3 released in March and April. Now, here he is again releasing new and even better music.

Miguel has announced the release date for his new project entitled Kaleidoscope Dreams, October 2nd, which now has the twitter world going crazy. However, he knows how to keep his fans satisfied. Along with the release date, Miguel has streamed two new songs that give us just a taste of what is to come. The songs are entitled “Don’t Look Back,” and “Use Me.” And from one who has listened to these songs a few times already, this upcoming album is going to be what I like to call “FIRE!” It has been said time and time again that everything he puts out is better than the last and I would have to agree. I did not think it could get any better than the production of the Art Dealer Chic volumes but Kaleidoscope Dreams is going to be unbelievably better.

To conclude my rant about Miguel, I must say, get your ears prepared for more amazing music because it is coming at us quick, considering how much new music he has already put out this year. Kaleidoscope Dreams: The Air Preview is said to be released on September 11, 2012. Until then, enjoy “Don’t Look Back” and “Use Me!”


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