It’s been so long!

Oh, it’s been so long! I would think that going to school to become a journalist would inspire me to blog a bit more. However it has the exact opposite affect. I find myself being frustrated with writing more than anything!

Every piece of work is criticized and picked apart by a professor or teacher who’s already published books, edited major local papers or is currently writing a book. That has to be the most annoying and nerve wrecking thing of all.

I’ve quickly realized that blogging is a lot easier than writing a class assignment. Writing for an invisible but obviously present audience is easier than writing for a professor who, you already know, is going to tear your assessment apart.  I also find myself constantly questioning whether or not I’m cut out to be a journalist or if I’m simply a writer with a petty dream. 

Ohhhhh the struggle of being a simple aspiring writer! lol 


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