My name is Dani and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

  • ImageThis is just a random, pointless post that won’t be long. But, I felt the need to get this off my chest.. lol. Enjoy my confusing rant about Pinterest. 

A viral sanctuary by the name of Pinterest has taken over my life! The thought of one day owning all of those cars, classy bathrooms and outrageous home decor is overwhelming yet oddly stress relieving. Am I the only one with a dream in the back of their mind of earning enough money to purchase every single pair of earrings in the world, solely by working my dream job, music journalist? We all know that this dream is pretty far fetched yet… I still believe it!

Therefore, I felt the need to confess that I have an addiction. Not to drugs, alcohol or anything crazy like those people on My Strange Addiction who eat deodorant or enjoy coffee enemas (yuck!), but I am simply addicted to dreaming… dreaming that I will one day actually be able to put together an outfit like GabiFresh or meet Donald Glover, Gary Clark Jr. and Esperanza Spalding and they will teach me everything they know about style, DJ’ing, singing, and playing the guitar.

In conclusion, I’m addicted and I’m determined to one day own a chandelier in my bathroom or at least go to a Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) concert… one day!

Thanks again for reading yet another one of my rants… about nothing! lol


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