Fancy Fing’as Fail. . .

As promised in my previous post, I polished my nails with another one of Mariah Carey’s liquid sand polishes by OPI and I added top coat – I’m obviously a rebel because the instructions clearly state “do not use top coat.” The color chosen is named “Can’t Let Go.” Similar to the blue I used last week, this purple is infused with sparkles and is a gritty, textured polish… but the excitement ends there.

I suppose I had high expectations because the blue (Get Your Number) POPPED and was everything I dreamed of. But, this color didn’t excite me whatsoever! The grit of Can’t Let Go just wasn’t as good as Get Your Number. I was hoping that, after I applied the polish, I would be so satisfied with the outcome that I wouldn’t even need top coat. But, I was completely disappointed and quickly applied top coat hoping that would make things better.

Well, the top coat made it pop a little bit but it’s still not up to par with the blue polish. But, it is quite possible that I may have done something wrong during the application process so, I will be trying this color again in the near future! Until then, I’ll be trying another liquid sand polish from the Mariah Carey collection and it’s name is The Impossible. It’s a redish coral color infused with sparkles in the shape of stars… yes, stars! I am also on a mission to find the last liquid sand color named Stay The Night, a black polish mixed with a little red shimmer.

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Below is a picture of my current polish. Don’t be fooled! The picture I took makes my nails appear a bit more glamorous than what they really are! lol. But, I’m hoping my nails look like this the next time I try Can’t Let Go. So, tell me what you think… would you consider trying these cool liquid sand lacquers?

PS. an explanation of this post’s title… I’ve named my nail polish collection “fancy fing’as.” I mean, it only makes sense to name a collection of 100+ polishes, right? Or maybe I’m just weird…!



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