My First “HALLELUJAH” Haul!

I’ve never done a “haul” before soooo, here it goes!

HALLELUJAH! I finally had a full day of nothing but retail therapy! My friend decided to throw a 21st birthday bash last weekend at a hotel near Polaris Shopping Center and of course a day of shopping was on our itinerary. Anyway, here is a picture and list of things that I decided to blow my gas money on. . . 


1. Tribal Print Wayfarer Sunglass: Charming Charlie $12

2. Peach and Gold Button Earrings: Charlotte Ruse (2 for $10)

3. Gold Arrow Earrings: Charlotte Ruse (2 for $10)

4. Peach and Gold Bangle Set: Charlotte Ruse $6

5. Colorful Floral Print Button Earrings: Aldo (my addiction!) $8

6. DKNY Dual Roll On Perfume: Sephora $20

7. Foundation Shade Tan 40: Sephora $22

8. Knock Off Beauty Blender Make-up Sponge: Sephora $12 (also comes in yellow and pink)

And lastly, I did not purchase this but, I kept forgetting to get my birthday freebie from Sephora so they were able to give it to me 5 months later… But anyway, that is the pink box which includes mascara and nude, shimmery lip balm. Also, it’s not in the picture, but I was given a free sample of  a 3-in-1 facial cleanser by Philosophy called Purity Made Simple. In a few short words… it makes my face feel like Heaven!

All in all, I would have to say I had a pretty successful shopping day and therefore justifies me throwing up my hands and shouting HALLELUJAH! And just for the heck of it, I’ll be doing a review, in the near future, of my new foundation. This is literally only my 2nd foundation purchase and I HATED the first one (as stated in one of my previous posts) so I decided to give Sephora’s brand a try. So far, “I’m in loooooooove” *insert Pharell’s voice from Tyler the Creators IFHY*.  .  .? Anyway, keep your eyes open for a make up review coming very soon!!
Thanks bunches for reading!


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