Haul is Here!

This haul consists of things purchased from my favorite store ever… FOREVER XXI!

Here are a few pictures to look at before I go into detail about what I bought. But first, a disclaimer: I am NOT a model, nor is my mother a professional photographer. With that being said, thanks mom for partaking in the photo-shoot! 🙂



Picture #1

Gold, Red, White and Blue Wayfarer Glasses, earrings: $1.80

Gold Nerd Glasses/Gold and Black Mustache, earrings: $2.80

Gold Chain with Gold, Red, White and Blue High-top Sneaker Pendent: $2.80

Hot Pink Nail Polish: $2.80

Gold/Black Mustache Cuff: $4.80

Gold Bangle Set: $4.80

Picture #2

Southwestern, Red, Cream, and Blue Maxi Dress: $27.80

Southwestern, Colorful, Chiffon, Maxi Dress: $27.80

Grey/Black Mustache Muscle Tee: $11.80

Black/Silver Lace Cross Muscle Tee: $17.80


Just thought I’d let you in on a few secrets about the pieces listed and pictured above!

The Southwestern Red, Cream and Blue Maxi Dress fits true to size however, when I first tried it on, it was a bit too big. But, be sure to tighten the straps so they are hugging you shoulders then VUALA!! It’ll fit perfectly! Now, the Colorful Southwestern Chiffon Dress is a different story. I would suggest going down a size. I’m usually a 2x but because of too much fabric around the shoulders, back and chest, I was advised to take it down a size to eliminate the baggy look that I had goin’ on. Thank the Lord for dressing room attendants because I was ready to hang it right back up on the rack, but I took their advice and decided to take it down to a 1x. I couldn’t be more in love!

Now for the tanks! Because of some random/weird obsession with mustaches that I’ve developed over the past 3 years, I HAD  to get this super cute Mustache Muscle Tee. Unfortunately, this one runs a bit smaller than the labeled size, therefore I suggest taking this one up a size. And lastly, the Black/Silver Lace Cross Muscle Tee. I fell in love with this tank as soon as I saw it online a few weeks ago. I love the silver chain detail around the lace cross! This tank does run a bit bigger than the labeled size, but don’t turn away yet. That extra room will come in handy when you want to layer the shirt with a bright color tank/cami underneath!

Anyway, hope you liked the haul! And, just a little exta treat (at least it is for me) I have a picture of an outfit I put together including the Mustache Muscle Tee. Photo credit, for this one, goes to my big bro. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Outfitedited But, of course, I forgot to tuck the string in all all the way on my right shoulder. . . way to go Danielle :/ lol


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