A Cry For Help: “Chub Rub”

My name is Dani and I am not a size 2.

 This is definitely my cry for help. I’m sick of losing a favorite pair of jeans to “chub rub” as it was called in a recent xojane.com post. As we all know, one result of being a plus sized beauty is that our thighs tend rub together. Therefore, I’m sure like many others, I have to begin looking for a new favorite pair of jeans almost every six to nine months, depending on the brand, because the inner thighs of the jeans decide they want to magically vanish. I’ve noticed that Lane Bryant jeans are notorious for this characteristic, but they sell the PERFECT wash for me and their jeans hug me so nicely that I just can’t stop buying them.

Anyway, would anyone have any ideas on how to repair torn jeans? I’ve thought about sewing on denim patches, however, the times I went to buy patches, I forgot to take my jeans in order to find the perfect wash match. Other than sew on patches, have you heard of any other ideas to bring your favorite jeans back to life? And, if you’re not able to revive your jeans do you cut them into shorts? Or, better yet, have you found a company that sells plus sized jeans (true to size) that do not wear away so easily?

Thanks in advance for you help, which I’m sure will help others with the same problem!


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