Stylish Sunnies!

If you know me then you know of my obsession with sunglasses of all shapes, sizes and colors. As a result of my obsession, I cannot walk into any department store without making a beeline straight towards the accessories in search of the perfect pair of glasses. Luckily for me, I’ve stumbled across a magnificent gem by the name of which not only allows me to browse through department stores knowing that I can spend my money on products other than fashionable shades, but this site allows me to purchase super cute, exclusive shades at a VERY reasonable price.

In the past I have made several purchases from and have yet to be disappointed with the shipping, timing of delivery or the actual product. So, last week I decided to take advantage of their 20% off sale and buy 5 pair at once. I didn’t intend to buy 5 pair but once I realized they were offering free shipping for orders of $40, I kind of got pulled in and couldn’t turn away.  Following are names, details, sale prices, original prices and pictures of the sunnies that I bought. Enjoy!

*Leather Bomber Aviators: Original price = $10.99 – Sale price = $8.79

Who doesn’t love aviators? Who doesn’t love leather? So why not put the two together! The bomber aviators are super cute and trimmed in a nice brown leather with a slight gold accent.

*Black June Sunglasses: Original price = $11.99 – Sale price = $9.59

These classes could definitely stand in the place my current staple black sunglasses. I also love the fact that they have a simple silver accent

*Tortoise Pegasus Sunglasses: Original price = $11.00 – Sale price = $7.99 Luckily, these were $7.99 because they were already on sale without the 20% off

I’ve never owned a pair of tortoise sunglasses so I decided to go all out and purchase the pegasus style! I loooove these!

*Diamonds: Original price = $13.99 – Sale price = $11.19

Okay, okay. I’ve had my eyes on these for a few weeks now but never got around to buying them. But, now that I have them in my possession, I’M IN LOOOOVE! I also love the fact that they are named Diamonds however they are trimmed in pearls.

*Tortoise Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses: Original price = $10.99 – Sale price = $8.79

I don’t really have a good explanation as to why I bought these other than I’m just trying to build up my tortoise and cat eye collection, I guess…? And, at this point, I was trying to reach $40 to avoid the shipping cost.





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