Quickie Post: “I Killed A Man”

So, I’m sure by now the majority of us have heard and/or watched the video of Matthew Cordle confessing to killing a man, right?  If not, here’s a short background on his story. Matthew Cordle, 22, made the decision to drive drunk after a night of bar hopping. Unfortunately, while driving the wrong way down Interstate 670 in Columbus, Ohio, Cordle struck an oncoming car killing the driver, Vincent Cazani.

His video was posted on a website called becauseisaidiwould.com which consist of people attempting to better the world “through the power of promise.” During the taping of the video, Cordle wrote on his promise card that he would take full responsibility of his actions. He also stated that he refused to dishonor Cazani’s legacy and family.

My questions to you:

Do you think Matthew Cordle did the right thing by confessing before charges were filed against him?

Is the media giving him too much praise for this confession?

What would you have done if you were in Cordle’s shoes?


4 thoughts on “Quickie Post: “I Killed A Man”

  1. I am really sure how I feel. First at least the family of Mr. Cazani , will have some type of relief knowing that he ( Cordle) came forward. But yes I do think the media is hyping up the situation by giving him so much media time. Bottom line is Mr. Cordle, chose to drink and drive, then he hit a man right on the spot, but chose to continue to drive off. Then he decided to confessed when he felt like it. Without giving regards to the family of the victim that he killed and all of the pain and misery they was going through trying to make sense of the death of their loved one. Thanks for coming forward Mr. Cordle, and admitting your guilt but you should have stopped and stay at the time you committed this senseless crime. It wouldn’t have brought the victim back, but it might would have ease their pain a little sooner knowing what exactly happened.

    • While yes the entire situation is very sad and it was wrong what happened at the same time I do believe Matthew is sincere because he didn’t have to make the video to confess and he is now trying to prevent others from making the same horrible mistake he did. The video just might save lives in the future as people watch it they just might actually think long and hard before doing going behind the wheel. Yes it was very wrong of Matthew to go behind the wheel in the first place while drinking however he now gets the big picture and has to live the rest of the life with this horrible tragedy far worse than any punishment a court can give. This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen or heard someone with such remorse, in fact often times I think the courts go too easy on those who don’t even seem to care about the innoncent people their drinking and driving has hurt only to out and do it again. I think this is a very rare case with Matthew, I strongly believe he is deeply sorry for what he has done and will never do it again and in this rare case the court should show some mercy. Let he without sin cast the first stone.

      • Thanks for your comment, Michael!
        You’ve raised some great points! He did seem quite sincere during the video. I, personally, am still on the fence about the way he went about it. However, I’m not in his situation so who am I to judge.

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