Weekend Haul!

Hello Readers,  as many of you may know, shopping is my weakness. As a result I recently went on the most random shopping adventure. Some purchases were made online and others were made at my local malls. Anyway, continue reading and enjoy the deets! (ps. If you are viewing this on a pc, I just want to apologize in advance for my enormous pictures. lol)


These are Corkys Sues Camel Burlap shoes for only$20! Unfortunately, I am one of the few that have to deal with wide feet, therefore during the first two times that I wore them, I experienced a bit of rubbing against my foot. But other than my personal problems, these shoes are VERY comfortable. I would definitely recommend these to a friend.



Next stop: Old Navy! On the left are two of Old Navy’s amazing sports bras. Old Navy’s active bras are surprisingly supportive. I have had experience with them in the past, fell in love and just had to go back for more. At the time of purchase these bras were 2 or more are $10 a piece however during usual sale they are $16.94 each. Yes, a bit pricey but totally worth it.

Now, on the left is one of my favorite outfit must haves… camis!! I am an avid layerer (did I just create a word?). I have an outrageous number of camis but I noticed that I did not have a bright yellow or royal blue so, why not add more to the collection? At the time of purchase the camis were $3.50. To my knowledge, this is the usual price. Please correct me if I’m wrong!



It just wouldn’t be a proper shopping trip without stopping at Sephora, right? On the far left is a Sephora Brow kit in the color Midnight Brown. Considering that I have no clue how to do my own brows, I thought a decent priced brow kit would be a great way to start. This kit includes a mirror, two powders, brow wax, a pair of tweeters, a brow brush and an applicator all for $19.

In the middle is a Kat Von D’s True Romance Eyeshadow Palette called Poetica. (it may appear as two different palettes in the picture, but that is because of way the pic was edited. Please pardon the confusion.) This colorful palette includes eight great colors and a black Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner Pencil all for $36.00.

And last is a mini Marc Jacobs Lash Lift. I live for a good mascara so I cannot wait to try this out! Luckily, because I am a loyal Sephora Beauty Insider Member, this mascara was a free gift. Well, it was technically 100 beauty insider points but it was free in a roundabout way…



And lastly, it is the fave of all faves… FOREVER XXI! On the far left you can see a wonderfully sewn cardigan. This cardigan was actually purchased online at Forever21.com for $29.80. (please ignore the awkwardly posed picture of myself and all of my college things in the background… I am not a model nor is my room a studio. lol) Anyway, because the colder seasons are approaching, Forever XXI is stocking up on all of the cutest warm clothes. Everything about this cardigan is perfection. From the cut to the colors, I love it all.

Next is the plain white tee. Every girl needs a good collection of basic t-shirts in their closet and Forever XXI is the perfect place to buy these. They tend to only be $5.80, which is not bad at all! Following the white t-shirt are the cutest mid-knuckle rings ever. On my index finger is a gold safety pin with a slight rhinestone detail costing me $2.80. On my middle finger is a gold cross also with a rhinestone detail costing me $3.80. One thing I like and dislike about this ring is that is it not completely enclosed. Pros and cons, I guess. And the last ring is another gold cross covered in rhinestones…this is my favorite and it only cost me $1.80!

In the upper right are two pair of great earrings. The first pair is just a simply silver bar. I’m not one for silver jewelry but I could not walk away from these. The next pair consist of a pearl stud with a gold spike as the back. Kind of classy, kind of edgy… altogether cute. Both pair of earrings were $3.80.  And lastly are more camis! These solid scoop neck camis, along with the cardigan, were purchased at Forever21.com.  I thought gray would go great with the blue that is in the cardigan however I couldn’t decided which gray was best therefore I bought both. The dark gray is Charcoal Heather and the light is Oyster gray. Only $2.80 a piece which is awesome!

And now, a quick plug for Forever XXI, they have the best plus size section that I have seen in a while. It is nice to walk into a store which normally targets very thin people and now see clothes that are cute and made for my body. I am so used to walking in stores and seeing what I like to call “fat people floral” or the same box cut clothes but now I, along with many other plus sized beauties, have an amazing selection to chose from. It’s just great!


Welp, that concludes my weekend haul! I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please leave a comment below and I will definitely reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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