What’s life without controversy?

I usually to not wander into controversial topics. However, this particular topic might change many people’s outlook on an American jewel… football.

This past week, for a class assignment, we were told to watch a documentary that was aired on PBC/Frontline on October 8, 2013. Initially, I was a bit nervous to watch the film because I did not want to view football in a negative light. I wanted to be granted the ability to watch my favorite team play without thinking about the wrongdoing beneath the surface… yes ya’ll, girls love football too despite the gender biases and stereotypes…

But I digress, the title of this documentary is called League of Denial: The NFL Concussion Crisis  (Link also posted below) Within this film, doctors, scientist and journalist explain the groundbreaking discovery of CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) in current or former football players, high school, college and NFL. The first player documented to have this brain disease was “Iron” Mike Webster, former Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs player who died at the young age of 50. Despite this mind blowing discovery, the NFL denied all allegations of brain damage due to playing years of football and repetitive concussions.

I urge you to watch this documentary for a few reasons. If you are a fan, watch closely and recognize that the major importance of football, along with other harmful sports, in our society cause GREAT harm to these players, mentally and physically. These players are being miseducated and are led to believe that their countless concussions cause no problems within their brain. But, if you are not a football fan, please realize that what we see on the surface of our favorite companies, sports, pass-times, music group etc. do not even begin to explain what is beneath the surface.

This documentary is almost two hours long, so I am not asking you to watch the whole thing (however, once you begin it is quite hard to stop). But, I am just asking for a few minutes and some feedback. Let me know what you think about this documentary. Are you siding with the doctors or the NFL, and why?




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