Quickie Post: She dropped a bomb on us!

When the clock struck 12, Beyonce released a new album on iTunes. The album does not only consist of 13 hot tracks but she went the extra mile and included a video for every song.

The features on this album are, of course, top notch. Mind you, she managed to pull Frank Ocean out of the cave he’s been hiding in to grace “Superpower” with his vocals.

As of right now, the album can only be purchased through iTunes, but there are rumors of it being released in stores within the next two weeks, just in time for Christmas. Possible stocking stuffer, aye?

However, if you’re “old school” like me, you’ll just be watching all the videos over and over again until that physical copy is on the shelves or under your tree.

Luckily, after searching high and low, I found a couple websites that have the full length videos opposed to the iTunes and YouTube 30 sec. teasers. Click the links below to watch her WERK!!


Beyonce ft. Jay Z: Drunk In Love

Beyonce ft. Drake: Mine


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