Marauder Pride!

Zachary Thomas, 19, is a second year Marauder who has been dominating the gridiron for the past thirteen years.

Standing at 6’4”and weighing around 185 lbs., Thomas #85 is currently a sophomore and the wide receiver for the Central State Marauders, who ended their 2013 season 2-9. With a passion for football, Thomas also has a strong passion for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, also known as HBCU’s, because of their firm sense of community. This was one of the reasons why Thomas decided to attend and play football for Central State University. CSU is located in Wilberforce, Ohio which is about 15 minutes away from Wright State University.

After playing the sport for so many years and if given the chance, Thomas would like to play against The Ohio State Buckeyes to prove that he is capable of matching the talent and passion of a Division I team, whereas Central State University participates on the Division II level.

Although he has previously played basketball, Thomas said that he inherited his passion for the sport of football from his father, who also played for many years.

Like many other athletes, Thomas has lived by powerful advice that he received from a peer while playing the game of football. He said, “Football is 90% mental and 10% physical. You have to have heart.” Because of the mental and physical toll this sport has had on its players, the ability to know your limits, set goals and stay level headed are very important characteristics when it comes to playing such a competitive sport.

With a fiery passion burning within his heart, Thomas plans on continuing his college football career at Central State University.



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