4 Things I Couldn’t Learn From that $400 Textbook.

Well my lovely readers, it’s been a week since I have officially graduated from college. And, although I have obtained an endless amount of knowledge about the field that I am looking to go into; there was an equal amount of knowledge obtained about life in general. Like most times, I don’t have anything profound to say and some of it may even sound as if it’s coming from Captain Obvious, but I felt the need to pinpoint a few things I learned outside the classroom…maybe for my peace of mind.

1. Making friends is not as easy as it seems:

Going into college I had the expectation of making thousands of friends, but was the COMPLETE opposite. About a week before graduation, I found myself being able to count on one hand the amount of good “friends” I can say I made within the past four years. And,coincidentally, that counts one that I randomly reconnected with years after falling out of contact.

When touring the University campus, prior to the application process, the tour guide of course embellished the environment saying it’s filled with smiling faces and friendly conversation…that’s not always true. The majority of the campus that I explored was usually filled with people hustling and bustling to make it to class on time, even though it is obvious they’re going to be at least 5 minutes late. And the people that I did attempt to make small talk with or even smile at, retorted with a side eye and/or blank stare… Therefore, after a few weeks, I kind of gave up in the friend making department and just let whatever happen, happen. Luckily, I did come across a few keepers.

2. Take every free t-shirt handed out around campus: 

There were days that I woke and remember that I forgot to do laundry the night before. Therefore, one of many from that pile of shirts I picked up at a festival/event the week before paired nicely with those jeans I forgot I even had until 10 minutes before class. But, in the instance that  they ran out of my shirt size, (’cause it happened to at least one group of students at every event) I grabbed a shirt anyway, ya know…for memories ‘n such.

3.  Being a college student does NOT mean you have to eat like one:

Let me make this clear, THE FRESHMAN 15 IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. I refused to be the typical student that gained 15+ pounds just because I got the tiniest taste of freedom…along with fast food, papa johns and a local mexican restaurant. During my freshman year, yeah I ate a lot of pizza and mexican food but I also took the time to pop open my, according to residence services, forbidden George Forman grill and microwave a bag of frozen veggies. Again, THE FRESHMAN 15 IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.

4. Stay true to yourself: 

Now this may seem obvious and simply but it’s not that way for everyone. Throughout my four years I’ve seen people change…some for the better, some for the worse. Peer pressure is most certainly real. Luckily, I never cracked under pressure but a few people I know did and do therefore causing them to do something completely out of character.

If you ask anyone I came into contact with they can tell you that I was far from your typical college student, meaning: I rarely drank (never once have I been hungover), sex was not an option (because neither were babies and std’s) and if I wouldn’t be able tell my family about my college escapade the next morning, chances are I didn’t do it. Call me a square if you want but just know I was true to myself in the end.



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