“Maybe you can judge a book my its cover?”


The other days as I was casually doing my weekly browse of XOJane.com, I came across an interesting article titled I WILLINGLY HAD SOMEONE JUDGE ME BASED ON MY LOOKS AND THE RESULTS WERE SPOT ON: Maybe you can judge a book by its cover? which is about a young woman who willingly allowed The Bumbys judge her.

Now, I’ve never heard of this duo but according to the XOJane article, the two are “very Daft Punk” meaning they are in full disguise and don’t dare speak a single word. They simply sit in front of you, take in everything about your appearance, type away on their typewriters then deliver their evaluation on a piece small of paper. In the above article the young woman who was “judged” by Gill of The Bumbys says his evaluation was spot on! She was even able to send them pictures in hopes of the duo evaluating the staff of XOJane. Their results were quite interesting and even though I’ve never met these people (I can only dream of the day I could meet Ms. Jane Pratt herself) they seemed to be fairly judged.

My question to you is, would willingly allow yourself to be judged by The Bumbys? I personally would love to do it! I mean, we tend to judge and be judged on a daily basis, why not allow someone who does for this for a living tell us something we may not even know about ourselves?


BumbysPhoto Cred: TheBumbys.com



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