These Days

After much anticipation, Top Dawg Entertainment left Ab-Soul’s album release date up to his fans.

The dates that were to be voted on via Twitter were June 3, 10, 17 or 24. I actually forgot to vote for a release date but when discussing the possible dates with a peer, I expressed that June 24 would be best…I guess that’s just as good as tweeting, right?

Anyway, the fans have spoken and his new album, These Days, will be available on June 24, 2014. But, while we wait just a few more weeks to purchase our copies, Ab-Soul released a short video for his single, Stigmata. This is a video that is bound to be controversial but an album that will most definitely be filled with metaphors, quotes and passages that only RapGenius can help us unveil. Check out the video below and PLEASE tell me what you think. I would love to hear how ya’ll feel about this particular video and the upcoming album.


3 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Wow!! I have been hearing a lot about Ab-Soul! I am excited for the album to be released to get a feel for his music and more of what he stands for! Thank you for the info i will be looking out for him!!

    • I’m excited for the album as well! As a part of tde he’s very lyrically driven making the anticipation for These Days that much more intense. If you haven’t listened to him before I definitely suggest visiting YouTube and simply searching his name just to get a taste of what you’re in for, come june 24!
      Thanks for reading!!

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