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Hello my lovely supporters, my name is Danielle and I am a recent graduate of Wright State University. I majored in Mass Communication and received my B.A. in Liberal Arts. The one question I absolutely hate being asked is “what now?” And to be quite honest, I HAVE NO CLUE! I am not one of the many students who walk across the stage with a job lined, but one thing I do know is I love writing and definitely want to be a part of the media distribution industry in some type of way.

It would be a dream to work in radio promotions and/or working first hand in my community with non-profit orgs even though I have VERY LITTLE experience. Working in radio would be a dream because I absolutely love music but am not musically inclined whatsoever. I mean, I’ve dabbled in a few instruments (clarinet, keyboard, and guitar) and have a decent singing voice but never would I dream of pursuing a career in music. However, if I can just support others in their hopes and dreams of pursuing the crazy music industry, then so be it! And I would love to work with local non-profits because I believe that keeping the arts in our communities and schools is just as important as our general education courses. There should be no reason why we have to cut out any subjects due to cut backs.

I can literally go on all day about my passion for keeping music in our communities but I’ll just stop right there. Please continue to read my blog. I absolutely appreciate the support and hope that you enjoy my posts. If there is anything you’d like me to discuss or would love to ask me, please do not hesitate to shoot an idea my way. I’m open to anything!

Love, Dani ❤



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