My Melodic Medication

What do I like to listen to you ask? Ahhh, my favorite question! Many people who I’ve talked to have gotten upset with my answer (I suppose because it’s so cliché) however it will never change. I listen to and love pretty much anything.

The genres of music that I listen to consist of the following: jazz, rap, house/techno, dance, r&b, hip-hop, disco, soul, gospel, rock, indie pop, swing, blues and everything in between. Surprisingly, there is one genre that I just cannot get into and that is country. Although there is a nice sound to it, I just do not find myself interested in country music unless it is..dun dun dun… you got it, Taylor Swift! People often get annoyed with my fondness for Taylor Swift. But what can I say? I must give credit where credit is due. She’s adorably talented and seems like a sweetie…right?

Anyway, let me wrap this up with a referral to the term that I use which is melodic medication. Music, to me, is somewhat of a medicine. Although many think is just a beat and a few words (in most cases), it’s not JUST that to me. I have grown to love the art of producing/performing music as well as producing a radio show. This is something I would love to learn about and hopefully take up for my future career. Music is one subject I love to study and is somewhat of a stress reliever therefore, music is my “cure-all.” Hence the term, melodic medication.


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