Jay Macabee: Got The Love

I’m not the best blogger to do a review on a song/artist. All I can do is suggest that you listen and form your own opinion. But, if you’re interested in how I feel about this particular song… I LOVE IT!

Jay Macabee, an up and coming artist from Florida, is spreading the love by way of his most recent single “Got The Love.” With the accompaniment of a smooth harmony, Macabee is gushing over a new-found love that has him flying high above the negativity. I dare you not to fall in love with the song after hearing a line like, “Hungry hearts consume, and loving you is like good food.”

This young artist is going against the grain. Opposed to complaining about these “hoes lack” of loyalty or two of his most recent flings in the same club knowing about one another, Macabee is keeping it real and relatable by referring to the one who has stood beside him through the ups, downs and life of being an artist.

I strongly suggest you take a few minutes of your time to listen to his single. After you do that, come back and tell me what you think!


“Maybe you can judge a book my its cover?”


The other days as I was casually doing my weekly browse of XOJane.com, I came across an interesting article titled I WILLINGLY HAD SOMEONE JUDGE ME BASED ON MY LOOKS AND THE RESULTS WERE SPOT ON: Maybe you can judge a book by its cover? which is about a young woman who willingly allowed The Bumbys judge her.

Now, I’ve never heard of this duo but according to the XOJane article, the two are “very Daft Punk” meaning they are in full disguise and don’t dare speak a single word. They simply sit in front of you, take in everything about your appearance, type away on their typewriters then deliver their evaluation on a piece small of paper. In the above article the young woman who was “judged” by Gill of The Bumbys says his evaluation was spot on! She was even able to send them pictures in hopes of the duo evaluating the staff of XOJane. Their results were quite interesting and even though I’ve never met these people (I can only dream of the day I could meet Ms. Jane Pratt herself) they seemed to be fairly judged.

My question to you is, would willingly allow yourself to be judged by The Bumbys? I personally would love to do it! I mean, we tend to judge and be judged on a daily basis, why not allow someone who does for this for a living tell us something we may not even know about ourselves?


BumbysPhoto Cred: TheBumbys.com


Quickie Post: RUN

Beyoncé and Jay Z have released their new-age Bonnie and Clyde music video for their On The Run Tour.  It includes cameos from big name actors such as: Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Diaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, and her sister Kidada Jones. Check it out!

Needless to say I’m completely jealous of anyone who was able to snag a few tickets before they completely sold out. The couple is coming to a city less than 2hrs away from where I am located, but, unfortunately, I won’t be there. Therefore, whoever gets a chance to go, I NEED you to contact me and spill every single detail about what happened at the show. Thanks in advance! lol

Marauder Pride!

Zachary Thomas, 19, is a second year Marauder who has been dominating the gridiron for the past thirteen years.

Standing at 6’4”and weighing around 185 lbs., Thomas #85 is currently a sophomore and the wide receiver for the Central State Marauders, who ended their 2013 season 2-9. With a passion for football, Thomas also has a strong passion for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, also known as HBCU’s, because of their firm sense of community. This was one of the reasons why Thomas decided to attend and play football for Central State University. CSU is located in Wilberforce, Ohio which is about 15 minutes away from Wright State University.

After playing the sport for so many years and if given the chance, Thomas would like to play against The Ohio State Buckeyes to prove that he is capable of matching the talent and passion of a Division I team, whereas Central State University participates on the Division II level.

Although he has previously played basketball, Thomas said that he inherited his passion for the sport of football from his father, who also played for many years.

Like many other athletes, Thomas has lived by powerful advice that he received from a peer while playing the game of football. He said, “Football is 90% mental and 10% physical. You have to have heart.” Because of the mental and physical toll this sport has had on its players, the ability to know your limits, set goals and stay level headed are very important characteristics when it comes to playing such a competitive sport.

With a fiery passion burning within his heart, Thomas plans on continuing his college football career at Central State University.



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Thomas, S. (2013, November 27). Interview by D. James. Central state marauder.

Thomas, Z. (2013, November 27). Interview by D. James. Central state marauder.

Quickie Post: She dropped a bomb on us!

When the clock struck 12, Beyonce released a new album on iTunes. The album does not only consist of 13 hot tracks but she went the extra mile and included a video for every song.

The features on this album are, of course, top notch. Mind you, she managed to pull Frank Ocean out of the cave he’s been hiding in to grace “Superpower” with his vocals.

As of right now, the album can only be purchased through iTunes, but there are rumors of it being released in stores within the next two weeks, just in time for Christmas. Possible stocking stuffer, aye?

However, if you’re “old school” like me, you’ll just be watching all the videos over and over again until that physical copy is on the shelves or under your tree.

Luckily, after searching high and low, I found a couple websites that have the full length videos opposed to the iTunes and YouTube 30 sec. teasers. Click the links below to watch her WERK!!


Beyonce ft. Jay Z: Drunk In Love

Beyonce ft. Drake: Mine

Kendrick Lamar: To be or not to be offensive.

Recently named Rapper of the Year by the notorious GQ Magazine, Kendrick Lamar has come across a bit of controversy. Not very happy with the way he was portrayed in the Men of the Year issue, K. Dot decided to take a stand and skip the GQ Party held this past week.

As we all know, Kendrick Lamar is from the tough streets of Compton. This is a fact that is portrayed in all of his music, conversations and even wardrobe. So, GQ writer Steve Marsh decided to focus on this fact during a recent interview with Lamar. Unfortunately, there were a few moments during the interview that people are beginning to question and pinpoint as racial undertones. Therefore, Anthony Tiffith, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) Head, made the decision to pull Lamar’s name from the GQ Party guest list.

Marsh made it clear that he wanted to compare and contrast Lamar’s past and present. Marsh talked much about Lamar’s recently deceased friend Chad Keaton who died from complications due to a gunshot wounds. He also focused on Lamar’s old stomping ground and the demeanor which we assume a Compton native should possess.

At one point, while focusing on Lamar’s characteristics, Marsh said “…it felt like I was talking to a wizened rap Jedi,” somewhat as if rappers aren’t wise and Lamar being well spoken and knowledgeable comes as a total surprise, at least that’s how I read it. Then, Marsh was in discussion with Tiffith, as he explains in the original article, Tiffith asked if he (Marsh) had had a fun filled day, and his reply was “I was surprised by their discipline. ‘You guys seem so calm'” This is where the problems seem to lie. Not only does Marsh make it seem as if rappers are far from wise but rappers and Compton natives alike are constantly rowdy and out of control.

Now, if you want to know my opinion, here it is. I do not think Marsh was attempting to be racist/classist or what have you however, this story most definitely could have been portrayed in a different light. Unfortunately, because Lamar is from Compton and refused to let us forget it, there will be times when a journalist will only want to focus on the stereotypical Compton native and the fact that Lamar differs from those stories that we all hear. I mean, let’s be honest, many of us have NO clue how it is to grow up in such an environment. And, the fact that Lamar is from the heart of the it all yet greatly differs from what we assume a black male from Compton should act, it kind of blows people’s mind.

Do I believe this is being blown out of proportion, kind of. I completely understand why the TDE camp is upset. The story does focus a lot on his troubled past and is somewhat ignorant to the fact that not all rappers and/or  Comptonites (I think I just made that up..?) are the same. However, if you continue to fill our minds with the troubling stories of stealing your mom’s mini van to visit Sherane and almost catch a case in the midst of it all, be prepared to be questioned about it and be prepared to fight the assumptions.

In closing, this is definitely not a jab at the TDE camp, Kendrick Lamar and/or GQ because I am a fan of all three. However, this is a mere observation of the industry and consumers taking an inch. Read the original article and tell me what you think. Do you sense racial undertones or simply a journalist stating his observations? Do you think people are taking it all too seriously? Or, do you completely agree that this story focuses too much on Lamar’s past?

Ps. I absolutely love Kendrick Lamar and his lyrical talent however I must confess, I absolutely hate the majority of the pictures used for the article on the website… I can’t take it! lol

But, this one… this one is nice 🙂


Quickie Post: What Now?

The ever so glamorous Rihanna has released the video for her vocally charged ballad, What Now. In the video it  appears as if she’s performing an exorcism on herself.

On a scale from 1-10 for artistry and production, I’d give it a 10 simply because I love the muted color scheme and the camera angles during some of Rihanna’s spazzy moments. But on a scale from 1-10 for creepieness, I’d give it a 8. . . I’ve never been one for scary movies about exorcisms and what not, but hey, to each his own. Nevertheless, Rihanna never disappoints. Check it out and let me know what you think! I love hearing from my readers.